Monday, April 25, 2005

How The Bear Lost His Tail

A long time ago, Bear had a beautiful, long, furry tail. He thought it was really cool. He laid it out behind him and people had to walk round it.
He asked everyone: "Don't you think my tail is the most beautiful tail you've ever seen?"
People thought Bear was very vain, but they were frightened of his big claws and didn't want to make him angry.
So they told him he looked totally cool with his big, black, shiny tail. One cold winter's day, Bear went lumbering down to the lake.

Fox was sitting on the frozen water, surrounded by fish.
He knew that Bear was hungry, and decided to play a trick on him. "Hello brother Fox" said Bear, his mouth watering. "Where did you get all those fish?"
"I caught them" said Fox, pointing to a hole in the ice. "But you don't have anything to fish with" said Bear.
"I used my tail" said Fox. Bear was totally blown away by this. "You used your Tail?" he shouted.
"Sure. It's the best thing for catching fish. Shall I show how?Then you'll always have as many fish as you want to eat."

"Yes please" said Bear in his deep, gruff voice. His mouth watered again.
Fox pointed to the hole in the ice. "There's no fish left in there. Let's go to another part of the lake where there's more."
Trying not to laugh, Fox led Bear to a shallow part of the lake. Bear dug a hole in the ice with his claws."Now, sit with your back to the hole and drop your beautiful tail into the water," said Fox.
"You'll feel when a fish bites. Then you can pull your tail out with the fish on the end of it."
Bear wanted the fish big time.
He put his tail into the icy water.
"Now" said Fox, "this is important. You must sit very still and only think about fish. Pretend to count the fish you catch with your tail. The more you count, the more you will catch."

The Bear scratched himself with pleasure. "My tail will catch more fish than any other."
"Sit still" said Fox. "I'll watch from those trees, so I don't scare the fish."
Bear sat very still and thought about fish jumping onto his tail. He counted each one. It was very tiring. He fell asleep.
It became very cold and started to snow. Fox went back to his house, taking his fish with him.
A few hours later, Fox came back to the lake.

Bear was still asleep and snoring. His black fur coat was white with snow.
Fox laughed so much he fell over on his back with his legs waving in the air. "This is such a cool trick" gasped Fox. Then he stopped laughing and quietly snuck up on Bear.
He shouted "Bear! Bear! I can see a fish on your tail. Can you feel it?"
Bear woke up with a fright and felt a sharp pain in his frozen tail.
"I can feel it!" he shouted. He leaped up and hhis frozen tail fell off..

All that was left was a small stump where his beautiful long, black tail had been.
"My tail! My beautiful tail" he wailed. Fox, the trickster, ran away laughing.
And that's why bears now only have short tails. If you ever hear a bear groaning, it's because he remembers his big, black, beautiful tail.
And it's also the reason why you won't see Bear and Fox having lunch together! Fox knows he would be lunch.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Anne Frank

First I shall give you the storyline of "Anne Frank".

"Anne Frank" is a diary about a young girl of 14, who with her family, and four others, go into hiding during world war 2. They are all hiding at anne's fathers office building. behind a bookshelf, in the "Secret Annexe", where close friends Miep Gies and Elli("Bep") Voskuijl, protect and bring them food.

And now I will tell you what I think of this book.

I thought that this book was realy BORING alll she talked about was

Monday, April 04, 2005

Spring Break

During the first week of my spring break I was sick. When I got better my two sisters and me went to stay at my gramma, and grampa's place while my mom, and dad went to Richfield, Idaho to get a horse. The horse, Ghost (or Gumbo) is a ten month old baby boy. He is gonna be a golden palamino(a palamino is a horse that has a golden body with a white mane), but right now is a snow white palamino, with a wavy white mane

This is what he looks like now. This is what he's gonna loook like.
Also while we were at my grandparents place we got to look at pur other horse Monkey. She's a georgus six year old, sorrel (red body with red mane, and tail).

When we came back home my dad started working on the stalls in the barn, so they are done by the time Randy's(dad's friend) horse has her baby. And that's about all I did on SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The outsiders


This is Ponyboy, Darry and Soda's younger brother. He likes sunsets, and books like gone with the wind. Ponyboy does very well in school he gets A's-B's in almost every subject.
This is soda pop Ponyboys older brother and darry younger brother. He is a school drop-out that works at the gas station and works on cars. he loved a girl called Sandy , but she moved away.
This is Darry soda and pony's older brather, he is way too strick with pony and makes him do all of his homework. He used to play football in shool, but dropped out to help suport his brothers. He is like the dad in the family now that there parents are gone.
This is johnny or Johnnycake. He is a sixteen year old boy that had big brown eyes, like a lost puppy that's been kicked around too many times.
This is two-bit, he had a black switch blade.


This is Bob, he was Cherry Valances boyfriend.
This is Cherry Valance she dosen't like fights but does digs sunsets, just like Ponyboy.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

bord out of my mind

So this is Saturday, and I am bord out of my mind, and it's probebly gonna be like this all weekend. I have nuting 2 do so I might as well post something stupid like this. And so...... blah blahblah blahblahblah blahblahblahblah blahbalh blah blahblah blah blahh bbbbllllaaaaahhhhhh blah blahblah blah dum-dee-dum dee-dum-dee dum-dee-dum dee-dum-dee blopblop blopblopblop blopblopblopblop blopblop blopblop blopblopblopblop plopplopploplopp plop plopplop plopplopplopplopp plop plop pol bling blingbling blingblingbling blingbling blingblingblingblingblingblingbling ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching....................ect, Did I mention I'm bord :^o :^$ :^) :^( :-( :-) :^>.....................

Friday, March 04, 2005

My bio

I'm an
4 school, I went to foothills for kindergarten, then I went to Imaculate Conseption for 1-3, After that I went to St. Mary's for 4-7, and now I'm here. My sis's R major pains(almost all the time)they never SHUT-UP.
My mom and dad own a couple horses I'll name them 4 U.....
Jackie(the one I like to call my own)
Digger(the baby of the family)
Monkey(we're getting her in the spring)
Ghost(we're getting him in the spring too)
We also own a dog, and used to own sum fish but hehehehehe..... they died.
My fav sports RVolleyball,Basketball,Cutting(horseback riding),Reining(horseback riding).
What I'll be doing in then years I'll probebly be in univesity or something.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Isn't he da bomb

They are so CUTE